• Nature and Animals

  • Difficulty: Easy/Medium

  • Distance from hotel: 75 km

  • Transport: Minibus Garden

  • Suggested to wear comfortable clothes / active wear and bring necessary for trekking, canoeing and sleepover

  • Duration: about 24 hours

  • Booking: compulsory

  • Reservation with fee


Dancing by night with thousands fireflies

Once more our Minibus Garden searched and found the perfect experience to give you unforgettable memories! We’ll bring you to a magical place to live an experience that is almost impossible to capture in a picture! We’ll be immersed in nature between thousands of dancing fireflies, around us only water, the moon and a sky full of stars!

We’ll visit a great museum and make a little trek to discover plants and animals with a special exclusive guide, we’ll go canoeing in the huge amazing dam and our friend Filippo will teach you a lot about stars and their legends before you’ll be tired enough and ready to sleep.

Thanks to our Minibus Garden we’ll arrive at our destination in about one hour and a half.

We are very proud to offer our customers this special experience! Ready for 24 hours of adventure?

After having lunch by the hotel we’ll leave around 2.30pm and you’ll be able to relax during the trip so you can be ready for all that we have planned for you!

We’ll be arriving at the dam around 4pm, we’ll check in our special sleeping places and you’ll be able to change your clothes or get everything ready for canoeing later on. We’ll take a look at the museum, get our dinners, and go towards the canoe departure. Around 7pm we’ll have dinner outside, can you believe the dam will be closed to the public but open just for us!? After dinner we’ll get on our canoe and we’ll reach the best point to see all the fireflies dancing in the woods! After a special show created entirely by nature, we’ll be admiring more beauty by observing the starry sky, constellations and the moon with a special laser: our special guide will tell us everything about antique legends! Around 11 pm you’ll be ready to rest, in order to recharge the batteries for the next day!

In the morning we’ll wake up with hot tea and fresh coffee, and some local very famous specialties, so we’ll have enough energy to trek towards the hut for an amazing view and a nice lunch! Around 2.15 we’ll get the ferry boat to get back to our Minibus Garden so that we can get back to the hotel on time for a nice bath in the sea!

  • Trip on board of our Minibus
  • Visit to the water ecomuseum
  • Aperi-dinner with local slow foods
  • Canoe under the light of the moon, admiring the stars and surrounded by dancing fireflies (local guide)
  • Accomodation in wooden lodges
  • Basket with fresh local breakfast goodies
  • Visit to the dam and to the national park with a local guide
  • Lunch by the hut Ca’di Sopra
  • Return to the hotels on board of our Minibus Garden
  • Transport with our Minibus Garden
  • 1st day – Ticket and visit to the museum and to the dam, canoe trip by night with fireflies, stars’ observation with guide, dinner, family room (or tent if group decides for tents).
  • 2nd day – Breakfast, trek with guide, lunch by the hut, ferry boatYou’ll be accompanied by our staff at all time
  • Daily city tax: 1 euro per day for each person over 18 yo