Restaurant front Pinete in Pinarella

The Restaurant

A wonderful and bright space facing the pinewood, where you can taste our various cuisine

Located on the first floor, with large windows from which to enjoy the view over the pine forest , it offers a wide selection of dishes, carefully prepared by our Chef: from meat to fish , from the typical Adriatic dishes to the Romagna traditional ones and even vegan, vegetarian and integral dishes... ( 4 main courses and 4 fish and meat dishes at each meal, served at the table). The courses are accompanied by rich buffet of raw and cooked vegetables, salads, pizzas and cakes, as well puff as pastries and quiches, meats and cheeses...

and sometimes fish carpaccios, roastbeef, marinated mussels, shellfishes, vegetables “en gratin” and exotic specialities such as paella and cous cous, the croaker cooked the Mediterranean way, salmon, roast pork and many other recipes from all over the world. To finish with a sweet note, there is also the delicacies and and homemade pastries buffet. In the summer period it may be pleasant to eat outside in the balcony, where tables are set up.

Hotel con Ristorante Pinarella di Cervia

That’s the difference at the table

Severi Hotels Pinarella di Cervia Meal times

from 07:30 to 10:00 (after 10:00 possibility to have a italian breakfast (caffè, cappuccino, croissant) on the first floor.
from 12:00 to 12:30 service dedicated to the younger guests (baby food, vegetable broth, children's menu);
from 12:00 to 14:00 vegetable buffet and appetizers;
from 19:00 to 19:30 service dedicated to the younger guests (baby food, vegetable broth, children's menu);
from 19:00 to 21:00 vegetable buffet and appetizers;

Severi Hotels Pinarella di Cervia Our Nannies

For those wishing it, our nannies will take care of your children in the Pink Panther room located by our dependance, 30 metres for from Hotel Garden. An area of the room is dedicated to families with children and is equipped with high chairs, crockery and cutlery for children.

The “Shangri-là” Cafeteria

All day long in the All Inclusive Formula are included coffee, fruit juices, cold tea and some beverages, home aperitif with snacks, afternoon snack and fresh fruit. The cafeteria is open at night too.

With its outdoor seating areas and the luxuriant "Mediterranean macchia" garden, from early morning the bar gives good fortune to our guests.
With its outdoor seating area and lush garden to "Mediterranean", the bar welcomes our guests from the early hours of the morning.
From 7:30 am until 10:30 you can enjoy a great breakfast buffet, with salty cake and jam pies, donuts and plum cake, chocolate, almond and wheat flour biscuits; along with various breads, croissants and donuts, as well as sausages and cheeses, yoghurt and cereals, fresh and canned fruit, fruit juice.
There is also a pancakes and omelets station, freshly prepared just for you. Drinks will be served at the "Shangri-la" room, in the garden or by the pool, with the possibility of Espresso, Cappuccino Italian-style and other hot or cold drinks of your choice.

Hotel con Bar Pinarella di Cervia

Your holiday at Severi

Severi Hotels Pinarella di Cervia
Severi Hotels Pinarella di Cervia
Severi Hotels Pinarella di Cervia
Severi Hotels Pinarella di Cervia